CHAUVET Professional F4IP Video Panel Stands Out Rain Or Shine

July 17, 2017

Sunrise, FL – The F4IP LED video panel from CHAUVET Professional is a fair and foul weather friend. With brilliant SMD 1921 LEDs, a pixel pitch of 4.8 mm and 5,000 NITs illuminance, the new panel has the brightness and clarity to make a vivid impression in outdoor applications even on the sunniest days.  At the same time though, its rugged construction and IP65 rating also make it tough enough to perform flawlessly even in inclement weather.

The F4IP is more than just an all-weather outdoor performer, it’s equally well-suited for indoor applications. Thanks to its magnetic assist hanging function and lightweight magnesium aluminum housing, the F4IP can be installed far more quickly and easily than the typical video panel, whether used indoors or outdoors. Its magnetic modules allow quick front and rear serviceability, making it easy to maintain in any setting.  Maintenance is further simplified by the panels’ intelligent modules with dedicated memory. Plus, its dual back-up power supply results in more stable and reliable displays.

“We designed the F4IP to be a go-to reliable workhorse indoors or out, making it ideal for the rental, touring and outdoor festival markets,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Everything about these panels was designed with the real world concerns of the end-user in mind.”

In addition to its all-weather reliability, the F4IP makes a positive statement in any setting with its clear, sharp and vividly colored displays.  The panel’s wide viewing angle of 140⁰, pixel density and high contrast ratio result in crisp images when viewed from any direction. It also produces smooth flicker free images, thanks to its 3,840 Hz refresh rate.

Each F4IP panel is powered by 21,632 RGB SMD 1921 LEDs that deliver an intense output. These powerful panels have a minimum viewing distance of 4 meters (13’), making them as at home in smaller venues as they are in larger spaces. This flexibility, along with the F4IP’s performance, should make the panels a common sight in a variety of places, come rain or shine.