Delivering “Grammy Style Look” To Advertising Awards

April 19, 2016

Boston, Mass. – Being in advertising, members of The Ad Club know all about the importance of creating sizzle for a ceremony. So it’s not surprising that this Boston-based trade group asked Derek Iorfida (JDI Productions) and Chris Hubbard (EPAV) to do something special for its 53rd annual Hatch Awards, a ceremony honoring the best in New England advertising. Iorfida and Hubbard gave the advertising group the excitement they were looking for and more with some help from 16 Legend 230 SR Beams and 56 PVP S7 high definition video panels from CHAUVET Professional.

“The organizers of the Hatch Awards wanted to create something special on stage to reflect the importance of this event,” said Iorfida. “They were seeking a Grammy-style look in terms of the excitement and energy that was generated on stage. We relied on the Legend 230 SR Beams and PVP S7 panels to create this look and it worked out very well.”

Hubbard used the PVP S7 panels to build an upstage wall backdrop as the focal point for his design, and Iorfida positioned the Legend 230 SR Beams on a truss setup that included a 10’ tower to add extra glitz to the proceedings. “We focused all of the Legends on the stage for maximum visual impact,” he said, “and we relied on Lighting Director Rob Smith to program an unforgettable show

A compact moving head powered by a 230-watt Osram Sirius lamp, the Legend 230 SR Beam has a razor sharp 225° beam angle and an intense output of 96,000 lux at 15 meters. These attributes helped create the punch that Iorfida and his client were looking for at the award ceremony.

“We got great feedback on the Legend 230 SR Beams and how they how they made the entire event pop,” said Iorfida. “The sharp edge and brightness of the beams blew everything away, and the panels were bright enough to keep up with them,” he said.

With a high pixel pitch of 7.8 mm, tri-color SMD 3528 LEDs, and 1,500 nits illuminance, the PVP S7 provides crisp and bright high definition images from a wide range of viewing applications – even when it shares the stage with a high output fixture like the Legend 230 SR Beam. “The panels played off very well against the beams,” said Iorfida. “They supported each other and neither one washed out the other. Plus, the panels were very easy to set up. The show made a very positive impression on an audience that deals with visuals as part of their profession, so that was a nice compliment.”

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