Lighting Punch! PVP S5 Shines at Mayweather v. Maidana Fight

July 31, 2015

Great boxers like Floyd Mayweather know the value of constantly refining their approach to their profession, so too do successful lighting designers like Jason Eible of Frank Gatto Associates (Boca Raton, FL), a multi-Emmy Award-winning company specializing in televised events. Eible has been creating high impact designs for championship boxing matches for some time, and has achieved impressive results with moving fixtures.

Although moving beam effects are still essential to Eible’s work, he added a bold new dimension to his design for the recent Floyd Mayweather-Maidana championship fight televised on Showtime with the help of some PVP S5 LED video panels from CHAUVET Professional. “A few years ago, our vision for the future was to add high output moving heads,” said the LD. “That worked out really well. A few months ago our vision became all about adding LED video walls.”

Based on the performance of the CHAUVET Professional PVP S5 panels, that future looks very bright indeed. “The video panels worked out beautifully,” said Eible. “They added an extra dimension to our design. They gave us better results and more flexibility over just hanging banners around the arena. We also used the panels to promote sponsors and upcoming events. They’re a perfect mix with the moving heads; everyone in the arena took notice of them.”

A total of 48 PVP S5 panels were used in Eible’s design for the championship fight. The main “banner video wall,” consisting of 40 panels (20 wide by 2 tall), was positioned in front of the principal lighting rig. The 1,500 NIT rating and 1,200 Hz flicker-free display rate allowed the panels to stand up to the intensity of the beams included in the lighting rig. Meanwhile, the panels’ 5.2 mm pixel pitch and 140° viewing angle ensured that the promotional messages and other text displayed on them were easy to read.

Eible also created two small banners for positioning on the lighting rig. The banners, each created with four PVP S5 panels, were used to display the Showtime PVP logo. Panels used in the main and side video banners were controlled with the CHAUVET Professional VIP Media Server Pro.

“The panels were easy to work with,” said Eible. “Everyone was impressed with their amazing performance. Based on our experience, the future is in video panels.”

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