The Design Oasis Spices Up All-Star Game Party With CHAUVET Professional

July 14, 2017

MIAMI, FL – The action at the 88th annual Major League Baseball All-Star game was not confined to the baseball diamond. Outside the field, host city Miami rolled out its sizzling and colorful South Florida flair to turn the area surrounding Marlins Park into a festive party zone, complete with an electric 5K run, Zumba classes, celebrity events (and sightings), street fairs and, of course, high energy music.

Sweet party sounds filled the air at an official All-Star party held under a sprawling tent next to the stadium where stars like Nicky Jam entertained thousands of visitors. Setting a lively backdrop for these performances was a series of colorful breakout patterns displayed on a center stage video wall created with CHAUVET Professional PVP X3 3.9mm LED panels that were supplied by The Design Oasis.

“The wall was the focal point of the stage design, covering about half the width of the stage in the middle,” said Abbas Ritscher of The Design Oasis. “It really conveyed a festive image on stage and created a party atmosphere in what was really just a plain tent-like structure.”

Given that the event took place in this temporary structure, quick setup and tear down were essential in this project, according to Ritscher, who attached the tiles to a rectangular truss structure. “We weren’t blessed with a lot of time,” he said. “Everything had to be done quickly. The interlocking features of the tiles were a big help.”

Kicking off long before the game started, the All-Star party took place while it was still light outside, which meant that sunlight streamed through the sides of the tent structure.  The intense output (1500 NITS) of the PVP X3 panels ensured that they had no problem standing out against the ambient light.

“The brightness of the panels served us well,” said Ritscher. “We flew a lot of beams overhead and hit the stage with them, but the video wall stood out fine.  The wall also worked out well in terms of being seen from all angles. Our party area was pretty wide relative to the stage, but wherever you were, you got a good view of the wall.”

Later, when the game itself ended in extra innings after a homerun by Robinson Canoe of the Seattle Mariners, the team from The Design Oasis was taking down its party rig. The next day when Miami returned to its normal life, people were still talking about the good time they had, not just at the game, but at one very memorable party too.